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#DriversUnite (Alliance for Independent Workers) supports a nonpartisan effort to identify concrete ways to address the challenges American workers and businesses face due to the changing nature of work in the 21st century.

Several trends are impacting workers and businesses today and could bring dramatic transformations in the years ahead: the weakening social contract between workers and employers, the increased importance of access to education and skills resulting from new technologies and increased automation, and the pressure to produce short-term profits rather than long-term value.

Rather than waiting to react to future disruptions, it is critical to develop solutions that address the changes transforming the U.S. economy.

The ALLIANCE Movement focuses on policy ideas on the Future of Work within Gig Economy at the federal, state, and local level to:

  • Improve economic security for both traditional and independent workers
  • Expand investment in and access to effective education and training programs preparing workers for impact of technology
  • Reduce pressure on public companies to prioritize short-term profits and encourage investment in long-term value creation
  • Bringing the Gig Workers Narrative to the National Media

Addressing many serious issues concerning the Future of Work, Gig Economy/Rideshare Industry Workers and the impact of technology on society:

  • Public Safety
  • Environmental Impact Concerns
  • Legislative Checks & Balances for Tech
  • Misclassification of Employment
  • Fair, Just & Equitable compensation & treatment of Workers
  • Wage Theft
  • Workplace Safety & Protections
  • Fair Competition (Sherman Anti-Trust Act)
  • Professional Standards for Drivers on par with Taxi industry
  • Privatization of Public Transportation
  • Introduction of Self-Driving Technology

Edward Escobar

Founder of the Alliance for Independent Workers and #DriversUnite

As the founder of the Alliance for Independent Workers and its #DriversUnite international campaign to UNITE ALL DRIVERS FROM ALL TRANSPORT SECTORS, Mr. Escobar provides Advocacy & Lobbying for Drivers and GIG Economy workers worldwide. In the U.S., The GIG Economy represents approximately a third of all workers. As this worker segment continues its rapid growth (projected to increase to over 40% within a few years and by 2027 representing a whopping 50% of the workforce), it is critically important that administrative and legislative advancements keep pace and begin to anticipate and plan ahead for the future of mobility and the accompanying needs of its workers.

Gig workers rely on fair treatment which, up until recently, has been the unchecked responsibility of corporations and lawmakers. Mr. Escobar saw the gap and realized the significance of early intervention. It was and is, in his experience, that it is far easier to correctly align an organization while the growth is occurring than to fix damage caused by inaction. His organization, The Alliance for Independent Workers, is the clear and dominant voice, representing this overlooked and underappreciated worker class, consisting predominately of immigrants, low income, minorities, seniors, the disabled, veterans, single moms, students and those with criminal records that are even further marginalized.

Escobar implemented the first & largest United Voice of Drivers in the U.S. media in 2016’s Day of Disruption collaboration with SEIU/FF15 – 340 locations with 20 major airports. A champion of workers’ rights, his focus early on was to address the core problem of misclassification of employment, knowing full well it would resolve the symptoms of exploitation of the Gig workforce – leading eventually to the recent successful passing of California’s AB5 legislation. 

AI, Automation, Self-driving Technology is of great concern to their movement as it will displace millions of Workers – a devastation of the driving profession across all transport sectors. Mr. Escobar has been championing the cause of exploited workers since early 2000, when he took on the automotive industry, organizing nationwide, the corporate spokespeople and workers of the International Auto Shows that were being MISCLASSIFIED as Independent contractors.

His commitment now, is to a higher level of engagement on a global scale “Uber is a virus adversely impacting the world, so we must meet and beat their UNSUSTAINABLE business model for the greater good of society”.

Muneeb Rehman

Co-Founder of ProDriver

Muneeb Rehman is an entrepreneur with backgrounds in the security and transportation industries.

In 2001, Muneeb joined BMW Group, BMW Mini Cooper Plant Oxford, England, as Senior Quality Control Manager at the Body & Paint department. In 2005, when precision welding and handling robots were being installed at BMW’s Plant Oxford, BMW started to lay off workers and consequently, Muneeb resigned from BMW and moved to Glasgow, Scotland, where he started his career in security, joining Security Scotland as Operations Director where he provided security solutions to various law enforcement agencies, banks, casinos, night clubs, corporations and close protection services, also serving as head of security for The Arches – one of the biggest night clubs in the world.

After briefly moving to Pakistan in 2009 to take care of his father, Muneeb moved to New York in 2010 where he took the role of a Regional Inspector with Cambridge Security Services and Homeland Security, overseeing New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware & Washington DC, working closely with local law enforcement agencies.

In 2011, Muneeb decided to become a chauffeur in the black car industry, working with various limousine companies in New York City, where he noticed the problems prevalent in the dispatching culture. In 2012, he was contacted by the executive team at Uber, which was ready to launch in New York City in full force, eliminating all the issues drivers had been facing in the black car industry through total digital transformation.

After several years with Uber, Muneeb identified the major disruption Uber had introduced, turning the world of transportation upside down. In 2014, Muneeb met Travis Kalanick to address the issues and flaws Uber had in its tech location including spoofing, data breaches, spying on drivers & riders, etc. From that conversation, Muneeb understood that Travis wasn’t focused on drivers and to him, it was all about numbers as he was working on the launch of UberX, making rides cheaper than a taxi. Muneeb left the company in 2015, refusing to work for a company that puts profits over people.

Since 2016, Muneeb has been engaged in finding solutions for millions of drivers from all transportation sectors, including rideshare, taxi, trucking and delivery drivers. In 2019, he launched the concept ProDriver, a platform that enables all drivers across the nation to come together and provide solutions to the challenges facing drivers nationwide. Its goal is to support the drivers’ community by providing them access to helpful solutions, cost-saving programs, communication tools and more, all at the click of a button.


Local Driver Co-op - Own Your Future!

Local Driver Co-op (https://www.localdriver.coop) is a ride-hailing and delivery platform co-operative where the drivers receive 90% of the revenue and own the platform, securing their future in the New Economy.

Caravan of Courage #SaveMomAndPops

On April 29, 2021, Local Driver Co-op and Direct Co-ops launched the Caravan of Courage, to raise awareness about the plight of gig workers and introduce the solution. The Caravan was joined by rideshare, taxi, limousine, couriers and truck drivers, as well as small business owners, hitting the streets in Toronto and San Francisco, calling on all drivers and small businesses to unite through the Direct Initiative to secure their future in the New Economy.

Local Driver Co-op invited by #DriversUnite and AIW to Capitol Hill to support the #GigIsUp Act

Local Driver Co-op invited by #DriversUnite and the Alliance for Independent Workers to Capitol Hill to support the Gig Is Up Act, co-authored by Congresswoman Deb Haaland and Alex Lawson of Social Security Works

#AIW #DriversUnite founder Edward Escobar @ SF Board of Supervisors 6/28/19 #AB5 Resolution hearing

#Uber/#Lyft & Silicon Valley Tech Titans fearful of workers rights impact for #AB5

The Future of Work - Automated & UBERized

Laborfest 2019 Forum – Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Trucking – All Transport Sectors Impacted

Edward Escobar, founder of AIW #DriversUnite Movement in collaboration with SEIU in 2017 @ SF MLK Day

International Association of Transportation Regulators Conference 2019 - Edward Escobar, founder of AIW & #DriversUnite

Invited to speak in Calgary, Canada on AB5 and the future of work for drivers

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